Bachelors in Germany

Germany is the favorite destination of thousands of students who wish to study abroad and come out in flying colors. German education system is recognized around the world for its reputation, research facilities and the promising career options. Bachelor’s degree from a German University opens the prospects of a highly rewarding professional career. German university education is one of the best in the world and it holds a tradition of excellence in engineering and science.

The international degree programs (IDP) are programs aimed at foreign students with English being prime language of instruction. Depending upon the interest, student can study in a research university or in the University of Applied Sciences. The difference is that Research University offers broad range of courses and subjects leading to research and doctoral programmes and University of applied sciences provides professional skills and vocational expertise to students interested in business and professions. The bachelor’s degree remains the standard for entry into many professional careers. Getting a bachelor’s degree can be the ticket to a more promising career.

Every year, thousands of international students and scholars choose to study in Germany. The prime reason for this choice is the uncompromised high quality education system prevailing in Germany. Moreover students can learn in a vibrant social environment with comparatively low tuition fees. German education system not only gives the opportunity for students to study but the doors are widely open which encourages them to unveil the promising career opportunities.

Europe Study Centre opens the gateway to study bachelors in Germany through undergraduate pathway programs or pre-study programs (PSPs).

About Germany

Study in Germany

Germany is one of the most attractive options for international students to gain high quality education at a reasonable price. It is a country of diverse landscapes, exciting cities, charming culture and a rich history of tradition and excellence. Being the popular destination of students seeking Masters Degree, the rich history and the diverse architecture ranging from medieval castles to modern metropolitan buildings makes this also an excellent tourist destination.

Why study in Germany

Germany is the third most popular destination among international students in the world. German education system is internationally recognized and the credibility is known worldwide. Having a good network with universities all over the world, students studying at a German University enjoys the privilege to go abroad and have the benefits of exchange programs. Not only that, graduates from German universities are in high demand all over the world and they have chances to get job in an international company very easily.

Facts about Germany

Germany is the largest economy in the European Union. With 81 million people, it is the country with largest population and the country consists of 16 constituent states and among them the capital is Berlin which is located in northern Germany. Berlin is the 7th most populous urban area in the European Union. The official language is German and 95% of the people speak German as their first language. Christianity is the dominant religion all over Germany.

Life in Germany

Living in Germany can be a very different experience due to the abundance of cultural and leisure activities and the multitude of festivals and holidays. Germany is the birth place of many renowned personalities like Beethoven, Wagner and Bach and the genius legends such as Brecht and Goethe. Student life in Germany is amusing with the pleasure of living in a great country that is adorned with the rich tradition, culture, heritage and the reliable economic system.


German culture is carved and modified by various external influences which involve the major intellectual and popular currents in Europe. German stands as the official language for about 18% of the population in EU. The land was previously known as the country of poets and thinkers which indicates the rich contribution to the literature world. German literature can be traced back to the medieval period and German philosophers are also widely acclaimed for having the central roles in the history of philosophy. In the arena of music, Germany enjoys the largest music market in Europe and the 3rd largest in the world. The famous German musicians who achieved international fame include Brahms, Wagner, Schubert and the renowned classical composers, Bach and Beethoven. 64.1% of the German population belongs to Christian dominations. The country has also been the home to the honored engineers and scientists who are the reason for many of the luxuries that we enjoy. German culture is also known for the love for fashion, cuisine, gaming and sports.




FHM was founded in 2000 with the aim of the practical training of specialists and executives with business know-how.In close collaboration with companies, associations and public institutions develop and implement the university in this sense continue scientifically sound study and training opportunities as well as research and development projects. The study offer includes nationally and internationally recognized undergraduate, master's and doctoral degree programs in the fields of business, media, staff, health, social services and tourism. Other priorities constitutes FHM with its institutes in scientific training and in the areas of business development, business start-ups and corporate succession at home and abroad. State-approved, private university of applied sciences


In the Fachhochschule of middle class (FHM) is a private university with state recognition. State recognition is awarded in Germany by the Ministry of Science of the federal state in which the Academy has its seat. The FHM Bielefeld institutionally accredited in 2007 as the first university in East Westphalia-Lippe. Due to a very good rating for the accreditation was ten years pronounced. Thus, the PRT has the highest possible institutional accreditation period reached. The seal of approval of the Scientific Council confirmed the excellent quality of FHM in teaching, research and training. The Bachelor, Master and MBA courses at the University of Applied Sciences of the middle class (FHM) are all accredited by one of the following institutions:

*FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation)

*evalag (Evaluation Agency Baden-Württemberg)

Pre Studies Program :

Pre-Studies Program is primarily designed for qualified international students who intend to enrol in a Bachelor's program in engeenering or economics in Germany and whose secondary-school diploma does not qualify for direct access to a Bachelor’s program at a German university. This allows applicants / inside with foreign educational qualifications the one-year preparation for the state assessment test at the University Schulde SMEs. By successfully passing the assessment test, the participants of the Pre-Studies Program received (Studienkolleg) the university entrance requirements for study in Germany. Studying at PSP provides beginners with a solid academic foundation in the individual disciplines of economics and engineering. Specialized German courses bring their language skills to an adequate level while highly qualified lecturers and a learning-enhanced atmosphere prepare the PSP-beginner for studying at a German university. Graduates of PSP are eligible to take the final examination (FSP) at the end of the program.

Courses offered


PSP Classic Program is designed to facilitate the study of undergraduate programs in Germany. The 1 year program in FH Mittelstands provide beginners an excellent foundation in German language as well as technical knowledge in their desired field of study. The 3 courses offered in the university are T course, W course and M course. Students aspiring to study in technical field can take up the T course, and those aiming for management can opt W course and M course is offered for those students interested in medical studies.

Pre-study programs are offered in FH Mittlestands. Study at FHM offers nationally and internationally recognized undergraduate ,  masters and doctoral degree programs in the fields of business, media, staff, health, social services and tourism.

PSP Classic is a 1 year program language and subject oriented program designed for   qualified international students.

Courses offered in PSP Classic at FH Mittlestands

T-course - T course is intended for those students who are interested in Technical studies. Lessons in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry

W-course - W course is intended for those students who are interested in Business studies. Lessons in Mathematics, Economics, Business studies and English

M-course - M course is intented for those students who are interested in Medical studies. Lessons in Physics, Biology and Chemistry



* Copy of your secondary-school certificate and, if applicable, a university entrance exam certificate of your home country.

* University transcript of records from your home country, if applicable

* Officially certified translation of your original certificates (if the originals are not in German or English)

* Proof of sufficient English or German language proficiency; successful completion of the IELTS 5.5 or A1 level German (CEFR) or higher. A certificate of participation in a German language course is not sufficient.

* Résumé in tabular form

* Strong Motivation Letter

* Two passport-size photos

* Passport copy

How to apply

1. Complete the application form and send the required documents to us

2. Wait for our International Office to verify your documents

3. Applicants receive the admission acceptance form, sign it and send back to FHM University via email

4. Transfer fees

5. Open blocked bank account in Germany

6. Skype-interview

7. After Skype-interview you will receive the original admission letter

8. Apply for visa

9. Pack your bags and come to Schwerin or Cologne Pulheim